Contributed by Tom Barnes

  • Marketing Strategy for Skeptics

    No business can survive, much less thrive, without building a plan that spells out revenue and earnings targets as well ...

  • Giving It Away

    Here’s the challenge: How do we very simply communicate our UC (unilateral concession) in a credible way (without saying free)?

  • Selling ROI: Beyond The Numbers

    If you are in marketing or sales, chances are it isn’t because you aced linear systems in college. Truth is, ...

  • Rethinking Radio

    What's next for radio? And why should marketers pay attention?

  • Mind the Gap

    our CFO is skeptical of your marketing initiatives because he sees them as the riskiest thing your company does.

  • The Email Deliverability Crisis

    If you are thinking you can acquire new clients with email -- forget it.

  • Tackling TiVo

    What's an advertiser to do when the most affluent customers aren't compelled to watch TV commercials and are, in fact, ...

  • Is Branding Dead?

    The question raises ire in all but the most sanguine marketer.

  • Sales and Marketing 2003: Sell Me The Money

    n 2003, it's time to jump into the trenches with the great unwashed: your sales people and your company's prospects.

  • Media Forecast for 2003: It’s A Renovator's Dream

    What a big year 2002 turned out to be. Many things happened worldwide that will affect our lives for a ...