The new Apple tablet has wide appeal and will significantly expand Apple's customer base, as half of potential buyers don't own an iPod or iPhone, according to an SRG survey of online Americans age 12+.

Nearly two-in-three (63%) among those surveyed expressed interest in an Apple tablet, with 21% expressing strong interest—above the initial level of consumer interest SRG found for iPhone around the time of its release.

Below, a profile of potential Apple Tablet buyers, according to SRG's research:

  • Male to female split is 50:50, an unusual split for most technology product introductions, which tend to skew more male and younger. The current male-to-female split for the iPhone is 60:40, which suggests that that tablet is appealing to more than one market segment.
  • The average age of potential buyers is 34, with 58% over the age of 30. This profile is significantly older than that of the early iPod buyers as well as early iPhone adopters.
  • About half (49%) of potential buyers do not own an iPhone or an iPod, suggesting significant market expansion.
  • Also, 75% of potential buyers already have a laptop, which suggests that consumers see the utility of the tablet form factor as distinct from a regular laptop's.
  • Online and mobile video will likely be a stronger driver for tablet adoption than other media: Interest in the device is strongest among those who stream TV online or watch movies on smaller-form factor mobile devices.
  • Over half (51%) of those interested are currently with Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile; 33% are with T-Mobile.


About the findings: The data come from Digital Life America, SRG's independent syndicated trend study of the digital consumer, now into its 4th year. The results are based on a comprehensive survey of 1,200 US consumers age 12 and older.

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