It was just a month ago that Apple reached the prestigious mark of 1 billion downloads from its iPhone App Store—a huge milestone for any company. The enormous number of downloaded apps elicits the question: How much money has Apple really made from paid apps?

According to LSVP, industry heads estimated 25-60 million apps sold were of the paid nature. Taking that number with the mean price of $2.65 per paid app (O'Reilly study), puts the total revenue at $70-$160 million.  

But wait: Apple didn't pocket that amount in revenue, as it receives only 30% of each paid app, or something in the range of $20-$45 million. Still... not too shabby.

Of those billion-plus apps downloaded, here's a look at the top 10 iPhone games/apps based on impressions:

See your favorite up there? In the sea of apps, which ones are your must-haves?

Contributor: Sonny Gill. Follow Sonny on Twitter.

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