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Media—from television to Internet video sites like YouTube and Hulu—consume more and more of our time nowadays. Nielsen has put together a quarterly report that gauges the influence of these media in our every daily lives, and the findings are eye-opening.

The recent report (PDF) analyzes the amount of time Americans spend watching TV and online video.

Not surprisingly, the number of people watching video on the Internet has increased a resounding 53% from Q1 of 2008 to Q1 of 2009, while those watching Television at home increased 1.9%.

To put that into perspective, the 53% increase amounts to over 15 million more users watching online video.

Given the continuing evolution of online media and the growing amount of TV shows and movies being ported to the Web, it will be no surprise when these statistics continue to increase in the coming quarters. 

Contributor: Sonny Gill. Follow Sonny on Twitter.

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