Nearly 4 in 10 Blackberry and other smartphone users (38%) would switch to Apple's iPhone as their next smartphone purchase, but only 14% of non-Blackberry smartphone users would switch to a Blackberry for their next purchase, according to a recent survey by Crowd Science.

Most iPhone users (82%) are loyal to the iPhone brand—that is, they would definitely or probably buy another iPhone—the "Smartphone Usage and Brand Study" study found.

iPhone penetration is significantly higher among males than females, and those age 25-44 versus younger counterparts, according to Crowd Science:

Other survey results:

  • iPhone users outpace other smartphone owners in their use of a wide variety of phone functions—ranging from Internet and email to music, Wi-Fi and GPS.
  • Compared with Blackberry users, iPhone users report a significantly higher overall satisfaction level with their phone—and in particular with their phones' screen size, navigation, availability of add-ons, and video playback.
  • A large majority of smartphone owners (71%) use them for both business and personal usages, with only 3% using them for business alone.

About the findings: The "Smartphone Usage and Brand Study" study (pdf)was conducted across the Crowd Science open research network, a group of websites from a wide range of topic areas serving over 20 million unique visitors profiled by Crowd Science's audience measurement technology. Through random probability sampling, respondents aged 14 years and older were invited to participate. Those accepting the invitation comprised the final sample of study participants. Data collection was conducted from May 19 to June 8, 2009.

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