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Fully 90% of B2B marketers already engage in some sort of content marketing---whether they know it or not.

Content marketing is as simple as it sounds. It means providing high-quality content for users, partners, followers, and consumers to increase participation, sales, and loyalty.

The magic behind content marketing is straightforward. Instead of infusing email with self-promotion and bombarding customers and potential clients with brand ideology, we tell stories—in a very broad sense of the word. We evoke an emotional response, we entertain, and we teach. We become trusted storytellers and educators.

ExploreB2B, a social platform for B2B communication, has seen content marketing come to life as articles that users write become the means by which those writers are discovered and recognized as industry experts.

For B2B professionals, content marketing has an added benefit. In a workforce where specialization is vital, content marketing allows B2Bs to connect with their target audience even while establishing their expertise.

Below, exploreB2B (with the help of the CMI and MarketingProfs), has put together an Infographic that answers the "Why, What, How, and Where" of B2B content marketing.

b2b content marketing

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Jonathan Gebauer is co-founder and CEO of exploreB2B.