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Plan to spend $92-$96 billion online during the 2012 holiday season,according to Maxymiser, a global provider of conversion-management solutions.

To help brands understand who the most influential online shoppers are and how to reach out to them, Maxymiser created an infographic about the various types of online shoppers:

1. Bargain Hunters. Full price? Never! These shoppers are price-conscious and proud of it. The most frugal shoppers are the millenials: 45% of them said they'll "prioritize brands that are on sale over their preferred brands." They aren't the only frugal group, however. More than 50% of all adults say they are more price-conscious this year than they were last year.

2. First-Time Online Shoppers. Unsure about online security, these shoppers are timid and wary. Making them comfortable, however, is worth the effort, because 33% of online shoppers in 2012 are new. Reaching out to them means providing product reviews, security seals to checkout pages, and other forms of assurance.

3. Touchy-Feely Shoppers. When in brick-and-mortar stores, touchy-feely shoppers are the ones who pick up every item. When online, they want experiences similar to offline ones. Brands that can provide those experiences will win such shoppers' business. According to Maxymiser, "49.9% of customers cited 360-degree product views as one of the most important aspects of their decision-making."

4. Needs-Inspiration Shoppers. In dire need of direction, these shoppers want to buy products but don't know which ones. They want direction and guidance during shopping. A total of 73% of these shoppers say "they notice product recommendations under headings, such as 'You might also like this' and 'Recommended for you.'" One way to get their attention is to send promo emails early: 80% of these online shoppers say email offers influence them to buy.

5. Last-Minute Shoppers. They've procrastinated long enough. Now, they are panicking, and they need to buy gifts. This group is bigger than brands might think: The average consumer has completed only 46.5% of his shopping by the second week of December. To settle these shoppers' nerves, companies need to have stellar delivery and clear shipping information.

Check out the following infographic to get a better look at the five most influential online shopper types and how to create positive online shopping experiences for them.

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