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Consumers on desktop computers and consumers on mobile digital devices demonstrate different behaviors, so why do companies insist on using Web analytics to measure mobile users?

The following infographic by Medio makes the case for using mobile analytics to effectively track mobile users and their movements. After all, what a consumer purchases from a tablet while at work often differs from what she buys at home from her desktop PC or from her mobile phone while out with friends.

Even within digital devices, major differences exist. One is in spending behaviors. The average order value from a tablet is $123 (as opposed to the $102 on a PC or $80 on a mobile). Web analytics platforms can't effectively track those mobile users, though.

"Only mobile analytics can provide the detail insights you need to understand mobile user behaviors, engagements, and purchases across different devices and locations," according to Medio.

Similarly, Web analytics can't track consumers' behaviors in apps and can't get offline use metrics. Mobile analytics can.

To find out more about using mobile analytics, check out the following infographic.

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