Summer is a great season for finding new places to eat. After all, who feels like cooking after a long, sunny, and possibly very hot day?

Here's a look at consumer search habits in choosing restaurants during the summer, courtesy of Constant Contact.

The top five cities that search for food more during the summer are...

  • San Diego (152% increase from non-summer average)
  • San Antonio (131% increase)
  • Austin (70% increase)
  • Chicago (67% increase)
  • Charlotte (59% increase)

As for devices that searchers use, "Desktops still garner the most views, but mobile searchers stay on your menu longer," states Constant Contact. Desktops account for 46% of views; mobile phones, 35%; tablets, 19%.

The most views happened on August 23—the most popular date for summer searching in America.

To find out more about consumer dining search habits during the summer, check out the infographic:

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