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Snackable content is perfect for on-the-go consumption. Check out these ideas for creating bite-size content for mobile users.

Consider regramming, retweeting, and reposting your customers' content, suggests Marketo in the following infographic created by Column Five. Doing so saves time and builds customer engagement.

Also, keep your content current. "Celebrating national holidays, sporting wins, and other of-the-moment events with snackable content is a great way to demonstrate your brand's personality and point of view," states Marketo.

And be sure to create playful but informative content, too. "Your audience tunes in on their mobile devices while in line at the grocery store, in waiting rooms, and during their morning commutes," reminds Marketo. "Help them pass the time with playful and uplifting bits of content."

To find out more about mobile content, the messaging app market, and content creation, tap or click on the infographic.

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