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Content Marketing Stats and Trends in 2017 [Infographic]

by Laura Forer  |  
May 23, 2017

Investment in content marketing is on an upward trend across both B2B and B2C brands, yet only 22% of marketers feel "extremely" or "very" successful with their content marketing efforts, according to data cited in an infographic by Point Visible.

Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs together conducted the study that the infographic is primarily based on, and we've reported on that data a few times, including in this overview of B2B content marketing trends and this overview of B2C content marketing trends.

The team at Point Visible combined data from those reports with other content marketing stats to create a full picture of how marketers are using content marketing and how they feel about it.

For example, though only 34% and 35% of B2B and B2C marketers, respectively, say their content marketing strategy is "extremely" or "very" effective, the good news is that 62% of B2B marketers and 63% of B2C marketers say they are "much more" or "somewhat more" successful with marketing than they were one year ago.

Click or tap on the image to see the full infographic with all the stats and trends:

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Laura Forer is a freelance writer, email and content strategist, and crossword puzzle enthusiast. She's an assistant editor at MarketingProfs, where she manages infographic submissions, among other things.

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  • by Peter Altschuler Tue May 23, 2017 via web

    The numbers in the graphic make me think that the world went into a myopic coma for 20 years. Then, after waking up, had no recollection of the past.

    Content marketing is not a new concept. The delivery methods and customers' access to information have changed, but the intent of "content" is the same as it was when the terms were collateral or sales literature or mail packages or sponsored films or testimonials or....

    What is different now is the emphasis on quantity -- the belief that, if you don't have an infinite number of articles, blog posts, social comments, videos, slideshows, or anything else, you're not doing your job. That's a mindset that needs to be retrained.

    The only information worth providing is the information tailored for particular interests, expectations, and concerns. Generic stuff does nothing to turn prospects into customers.

    In B2B, the people in operations have different concerns about a new shipping system than the financial staff, and the IT folks don't care about the long-term amortization. Sales wants to know about the time it takes from order to shipment, and Marketing probably cares about reliability so it can tout the advantages in campaigns. The materials for them must be customized for them, not generalized for everyone.

    B2C customers have spent decades responding to offers of how-to guides, tips & tricks booklets, product comparisons, and countless other pieces... all of them targeted to specific consumer needs. Even UGC isn't particularly new to companies that understood that their customers' insights would prove valuable to other customers.

    Looking through the stats in this seemingly endless illustration, it reminds me that the demand for "more, more, more" is the rationale behind the infographic itself: it's a simple set of statistics that's been converted from a basic table into a full-blown Hollywood musical. The data's the same. It just takes ten times as long to produce it and ten times as long to get through it.

  • by Mitra Joshi Fri May 26, 2017 via web

    Content marketing is definitely at boom. Content and marketing carry inverse relationship and being an content writer I agree with the statistics depicted in the article. Any marketing strategy is fragmentary without enriched content to drive customers.

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