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Work never stops in today's fast-paced workplace, and teams need to be flexible and highly coordinated to succeed.

Advances in technology mean we're no longer constrained to our desks, or even our offices. With mobile devices and the flexibility offered by the cloud, it's easier than ever to stay productive, wherever we are.

Moreover, modern work is becoming increasingly collaborative and increasingly dispersed. It no longer happens with one team, or from 9 to 5.

People also have access to more apps, platforms, and software thanks to the consumerization of information technology. The key is finding the right combination of technology for the right team.

There's no shortage of tools to help us get work done, with apps for everything from creating content and analyzing data to coordinating massive projects and keeping teams connected. Take this quiz to learn about some of our favorite apps to help you make the most of your workday:


image of Billy Blau

Billy Blau is head of technology partnerships at Dropbox, where he oversees a team responsible for developing and broadening its partner ecosystem and bringing joint solutions to market.

LinkedIn: Billy Blau

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