There are over 300,000 active bots on Facebook's Messenger platform, Facebook reported earlier this year.

And with 8 billion messages being exchanged between customers and businesses every month, chatbots are now an essential part of any customer service and marketing strategy.

But aren't chatbots are difficult to set up? And don't they require heaps of technical expertise and investment?


This infographic by small business lender Headway Capital explains how small businesses can use Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Chatbots will power 85% of customer service interactions by 2020, according to the graphic, which also explores how small business can get on board, how to create your Facebook chatbot and drive customers to your chatbot, and more.

Check out the guide to see whether chatbots are right for your brand.

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Laura Forer is a freelance writer, email and content strategist, and crossword puzzle enthusiast. She's an assistant editor at MarketingProfs, where she manages infographic submissions, among other things.