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  • The Secret to a Truly Measurable Content Strategy

    Most B2B organizations aren't creating content strategies; they're trying to fix strategies that are broken. Research continues to show that the lack of measurability and scalability prevents content marketing from becoming a truly strategic component of integrated B2B marketing strategies. So how do you overcome this major flaw?

    You'll learn:

    • Implement the four business models of content
    • Apply the business models of content to a measurement program
    • Deconstruct the success of other businesses that are achieving true return on their investment


    Robert Rose
    • Robert Rose
    • Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, The Content Advisory
    • @Robert_Rose

    Robert Rose is founder and chief strategy officer at The Content Advisory. He's a frequent keynote speaker on successful strategies for online marketing and website management. He's also co-author of Managing Content Marketing and Killing Marketing.

  • How to Build a Virtuous Revenue Cycle With Digital Marketing and RevOps

    Marketing's job is to drive revenue. In turn, revenue can propel marketing's reach and capabilities. In this session, we'll dissect and discuss how companies like Cloudflare, Equinix, Snowflake, and Marketo were able to significantly scale their digital marketing campaigns by tying their campaigns to revenue.

    You'll learn:

    • How to effectively scale B2B digital marketing campaigns
    • Where to begin scaling your digital campaigns
    • Why revenue operations is essential to your growth


    Mike Nierengarten
    • Mike Nierengarten
    • Founder and President, Obility
    • @nierengarten

    Mike and Obility have helped 100s of B2B companies like ZoomInfo, Fastly, Snowflake, and Marketo achieve high growth through digital marketing. In his spare time, Mike runs a not-for-profit vodka company with his wife Courtney.

  • Marketing Strategy: A Must-Have Planning Framework

    When crafting your marketing strategy, the considerations are endless. As marketers, we struggle to even know where to begin. Struggle no more! Join us to learn how to use a framework of best practices, specific tactics, and must-have planning tools to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Use competitive intelligence in your planning
    • Establish top-level themes to focus messaging and content
    • Plan marketing activities to align with strategic and competitive themes


    Maribeth Ross
    • Maribeth Ross
    • COO, Marketing Advisory Network
    • @MaribethRoss

    Maribeth is a B2B marketer fascinated with cracking the code of what makes customers engage, buy from, and champion a brand. After years of award-winning experience driving marketing strategy and execution for high-growth companies, Maribeth joined Marketing Advisory Network.


Obility's B2B digital marketing services help your company enhance lead quality, accelerate sales, and drive growth. Whether you want to improve campaign tracking, refine paid search efforts, or maximize investments in road shows, we'll help you spend less to earn more revenue.
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  • Length: 30-45 minutes per session
  • Element: Strategy
  • Topic: Marketing Strategy
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