Doubleheader Event: B2B Marketing & Ad Trends


  • B2B, Meet CTV: How B2B Can Conquer TV Advertising

    B2B marketers have been stuck with the same ad channels for a while now (including paid search and LinkedIn), and the limitations that come with them.

    But, with the rise of Connected TV advertising and its data-driven approach to targeting and measurement, B2B marketers now have a viable new ad channel that can differentiate them from the competition. Join MNTN's Hooman Javidan-Nejad and the experts from Oracle OnRamp as they explore how CTV unlocks television as a performance marketing channel.

    You'll learn:

    • How CTV is ideally suited to bring B2B strategies and campaigns to television audiences
    • How to effectively leverage audience data sources, from CRM lists to B2B-focused third-party data
    • Why CTV ads are effective at cutting through the usual B2B advertising clutter
    • How to measure conversions, site visits, and revenue generated by your CTV campaigns


    Natalie Serota
    • Hooman Javidan-Nejad
    • Director, Performance Marketing
    • MNTN
    • @weareMNTN

    Hooman leads all demand generation and performance marketing efforts at MNTN. Previously, he served as director of international business development at GIG working directly with the CEO of the group on global expansion strategies. Prior to GIG, Hooman oversaw business strategy development and execution for multiple financial services and technology companies.

    Kati Tikkanen
    • Kati Tikkanen
    • Head of Sales, Data Enablement East
    • Oracle
    • @Oracle

    Kati Tikkanen is the head of sales, data enablement East for Oracle Advertising, where she is responsible for the strategic growth and adoption of Oracle's self-service data enrichment and onboarding solution. Before her current role, Kati was a senior client partner charged with the growth of strategic partnerships with large CPG clients across the food, beauty and household cleaning categories.

  • A Data-Driven Look at B2B Marketing Trends

    What's a trend? What isn't? What should you as a B2B marketer be paying attention to, and what's just hype? This data-driven talk by Christopher Penn, chief data scientist of, will unpack all of that and more.

    You'll learn how to:

    • How to determine whether something is a trend or not
    • What is and is not a trend in B2B digital media
    • How trendwatching should inform your marketing strategy


    Christopher S. Penn
    • Christopher S. Penn
    • Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights
    • Analytics Consulting Practice Lead, MarketingProfs
    • @cspenn

    Chris is a recognized thought leader, best-selling author, and keynote speaker who has shaped Google Analytics adoption, data-driven marketing, modern email marketing, and AI in marketing. He's a co-founder of the PodCamp conference and a co-host of Marketing Over Coffee podcast.


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MNTN builds advertising software for brands to drive measurable conversions, revenue, site visits, and more through the power of television. MNTN Performance TV is the world's first and only Connected TV advertising platform optimized for direct-response marketing goals.
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  • Sessions: 2 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Sponsor: MNTN
  • Topic: Advertising & Promotions, Marketing Strategy
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