Doubleheader Event: Agile Marketing and Planning—Beyond the Basics


  • Agile Marketing 201: Beyond the Basics

    Any creative team can benefit from adopting Agile practices. And if your team is already applying some Agile methodology to its work, you already know the benefits it can bring. But now it's time to take it to the next level.

    In this session, we'll skip over the basics and take a more in-depth look at advanced Agile marketing best practices. If you're familiar with Agile terminology and you have successfully run sprints or used Kanban, we'll dig a little deeper into how to make the most of marketing agility to improve your effectiveness as a marketing team.

    You'll learn:

    • Best practices for enabling a higher level of organizational agility
    • How to quickly pivot when strategies change
    • How to manage work to enable greater efficiency and productivity


    Danielle Riccitelli
    • Danielle Riccitelli
    • Group Product Manager, Adobe
    • @Adobe

    Danielle Riccitelli is group product manager at Workfront, an Adobe Company, where she is responsible for leading the vision and evolution of work productivity and enabling organizations to thrive in the face of change through Business Agility. Danielle has 20+ years of experience in the digital space, including leadership roles in product, technology, and Agile/organizational transformation.

    Melissa Pickering
    • Melissa Pickering
    • Principal Product Manager, Adobe
    • @Adobe

    Melissa Pickering has been working in high-tech, coaching Agile, or leading enterprisewide Agile transformations for the last 20+ years. As principal product manager at Adobe, she loves to build sustainable Agile solutions so that organizations can better collaborate, innovate, and deliver high-value results.

    Melissa Talcott
    • Melissa Talcott
    • Product Manager, Marketing Operations & Communication, Adobe
    • @Adobe

    Melissa Talcott manages the operational aspects of marketing at Adobe, and helps the marketing team to be more efficient and streamlined. She is an Advanced Certified Scrum Master with over a decade of experience in agencies managing people, projects, and portfolios.

  • Five Key Steps to Creating Your Agile Marketing Playbook

    The fast-evolving and unforeseen events of the past 18 months have upended every marketing plan. And for many marketing teams, that has caused team instability, a lot of second-guessing, and less efficient programs.

    Although the concept of Agile Marketing was around long before 2020, only recently have marketing teams started to embrace the concept of Agile Planning. So what's the best way to go about it, and how does Agile Planning impact the marketing team and the larger organization?

    You'll learn how to:

    • How to build a planning framework that responds to change
    • How to rapidly iterate your plans and experiment while ensuring proper testing
    • What roles you'll need on your team for Agile success
    • How to make data-driven decisions
    • How to manage change across your team and the organization to embrace Agile


    Dayna Rothman
    • Dayna Rothman
    • Chief Marketing Officer, OneLogin
    • @dayroth

    Dayna Rothman is the CMO at OneLogin. Previously, she held leadership roles at D2iQ (FKA Mesosphere), Marketo, EverString, BrightFunnel, and SaaStr. She is also the author of Lead Generation for Dummies and the recipient of several marketing honors, including being named among The Top 25 Women in Revenue.

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  • Date: September 30, 2021
  • Sessions: 2 presentations by industry experts
  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Sponsor: Adobe Workfront
  • Topic: Marketing Strategy
  • Price: $0


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