Gone are the days of spray-and-pray campaigns designed to generate a glut of random leads.

Today's revenue leaders are arming themselves with intelligent data and a multichannel approach. And although the strategy is more sophisticated than ever, the approach is simple: Find out who your best future customers are and get exactly the right messages to them.

Join Shira Abel to discover how to set clear, achievable goals, target specific accounts, realign and pivot if needed—and end up with top closed-won accounts.

You'll learn how to:

  • Secure ABM program goals
  • Choose targeted accounts
  • Implement Advanced targeting tactics
  • Lead a seamless campaign journey
  • Evaluate progress, measure results

Feel free to bring your strategy questions to this conversational webinar.

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  • Date: February 15, 2022
  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Presenter: Shira Abel
  • Sponsor: Terminus
  • Topic: Demand Generation, Marketing Strategy, Martech
  • Price: $0


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Shira Abel

Shira Abel is the CEO of Hunter & Bard, an award-winning marketing agency that focuses on account-based marketing for science- and engineering-driven organizations that sell to enterprise. She's a sought-after corporate speaker as well as a fellow and professor of marketing for technologists at Berkeley.


Sponsored by Terminus
Terminus is the only account-based engagement platform built to deliver more pipeline and revenue through multichannel account-based marketing (ABM). The platform connects the first and third-party data needed to understand customers as well as prospects, with the most robust suite of engagement channels available.