Three Ways to Unclog Your Sales and Marketing Funnel

If potential buyers are entering your sales and marketing funnel but not making it all the way through... well, you know better than anyone that it's urgent you do something about it.

But the last thing you should do is to jam more leads in at the top of the funnel in hopes of giving your Sales team more opportunities. Because the source of the clog isn't at the top, it's somewhere farther down waiting to be found.

Instead, it's time to get out the plunger and unclog your funnel.

Join Act-On for Three Ways Unclog Your Sales and Marketing Funnel and discover the small changes you can make to get your funnel flowing again—top to bottom—and boost conversions.

You'll learn:

  • Ways to find the source of your clogged funnel and tips on how to unclog it
  • Best-practices for lead scoring and lead routing between Marketing and Sales
  • Practical, effective sales outreach tactics you can use right now


Carol Adkisson

Carol Adkisson is the director of marketing operations at Act-On Software. With a passion for process, systems, and analytics, Carol focuses her expertise on helping marketing teams increase efficiency in lead processes and pipeline creation through data-driven insights.

Casey Munck

Casey Munck is the VP of marketing at Act-On Software. She's a fearless marketing leader who has a natural ability to pitch colorful stories and build authentic, trusted relationships across fences. Her expertise spans demand gen, content marketing, ABM, and other areas.

Cesar Cruz

Cesar Cruz is sales development director at Act-On Software. He is a digital marketing and sales adaptation expert with 10 years of experience specializing in B2B tech. He's also a bibliophile, striving to read 76 books in a year.


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Act-On Software provides solutions that empower marketers to engage targets at every step of the customer lifecycle—allowing marketers to build smart and effective programs to grow their businesses and generate higher customer lifetime value.
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  • Date: On-Demand — Access anytime!
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Presenter: Carol Adkisson, Casey Munck, Cesar Cruz
  • Sponsor: Act-On
  • Topic: Customer Experience, Demand Generation
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