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  • Empathy and AI: The Secret to Modern B2B Demand Generation

    Are you looking for a way to elevate your B2B demand generation strategy?

    Empathy is a secret weapon that can help you build more meaningful relationships with your prospects and generate demand. But the combination of empathy and AI can boost your demand gen marketing to the next level.

    In this session, you'll learn how to combine empathy and AI to...

    • Unleash the full potential of your marketing efforts
    • Understand your customers on a deeper level
    • Craft personalized and emotionally resonant messaging


    Brian Carroll
    • Brian Carroll
    • Speaker, Author, and Founder of Markempa
    • @brianjcarroll

    Brian is a leading expert on empathy-based marketing and demand generation. He is the author of the bestselling book Lead Generation for the Complex Sale, and he writes the markempa blog, where he shares his insights on empathy-based marketing and demand generation.

  • Using Event Engagement to Drive Demand

    As the lines between in-person and digital events continue to blur, attendee expectations have shifted.

    The integration of technology into daily life has changed the way people interact with events, and the pressure is on for marketing and event leaders to deliver both engaging experiences and tangible business outcomes.

    This session with Cvent will explore the latest trends in how people are consuming content and ways to blend physical and digital experiences to ensure the success of your events.

    Join Cvent for a discussion on...

    • Trending ways to use events to engage and build community
    • Best-practices for extending event engagement
    • Strategies for delivering amazing attendee experiences

    Bring your questions with you; we're happy to answer them!


    Alyssa Peltier
    • Alyssa Peltier
    • Director of Market Insights, Cvent
    • @Cvent

    Alyssa is director of market insights at Cvent Consulting, where she develops tools and insights that educate the enterprise market on the evolving events landscape and the many ways Cvent solutions serve customer needs and business outcomes. Since 2016, Alyssa has worked to build the global event marketing function at Cvent, ensuring its marquee event programs are designed and executed in alignment with the needs of the business.

  • The Four Essential Pillars of Whitepaper Lead Generation: A Demand Generation Strategy

    Drawing on insights from hundreds of demand generation campaigns, we identified that the most successful whitepapers shared four core attributes: They were people-focused, applicable, relevant, and emotionally engaging.

    Those elements form the foundation of the PARE method, a strategic framework designed to fuel demand and create whitepaper campaigns that not only capture leads but also nurture them at low cost.

    In this session, we'll...

    • Delve into the principles of demand generation, with a special focus on whitepaper campaigns, and explore the specifics of the PARE method
    • Illustrate how that approach can be applied to create successful campaigns that resonate with your target audience, driving both lead capture and engagement
    • Provide real-world examples where the PARE method has been successfully implemented, demonstrating its effectiveness in shaping demand and achieving business growth


    Jason Hunt
    • Jason Hunt
    • Co-Founder, Merged Media
    • @jayhuntofficial

    Jason is a co-founder of Merged Media, a premier digital marketing agency in Canada. He is the host of The Merged Marketing Podcast and the author of Drop the Mic Marketing: How to Find Your Social Media Voice, which has become a go-to guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. Jason has been immersed in digital marketing since 2007, when he began using social media to cultivate a fanbase for his Japanese rock band and developed his expertise in monetizing online traffic.


Cvent offers event marketers and organizers a comprehensive event marketing and management platform, flexible enough to support any event—enabling you to attract and convert audiences, engage attendees, capture audience intelligence, and integrate attendee insights quickly and easily.
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  • Date: September 15, 2023
  • Sessions: 3 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Topic: Demand Generation, Marketing Strategy
  • Price: $0


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