This Master Class covers:

  • An overview of Demand Generation and Marketing Automation and how not to confuse them
  • How to combine marketing automation, buyer psychology, and content for demand gen success
  • A deep-dive into the right type of content for three types of campaigns that will help your organization attract, sell, and nurture prospects and customers
  • How to determine the right KPIs for tracking and how to set up your demand generation dashboard
  • In-depth demonstrations on how to use a marketing automation platform


If you're looking for practical instruction on how to implement your demand gen programs—based on science and with real-life B2B examples—then you won't want to miss this MarketingProfs Master Class.

Join Kenda as she demystifies what's going on in the brain of your buyers along their journey to purchase. She'll show you how to use this knowledge to inform your demand strategy and build programs and content (in your automation platform) that engage your prospects and lead them to buy.

Note: The lessons are platform agnostic (and most automation tools have similar features). But instructor Kenda Macdonald uses HubSpot, so bonus if you're looking for some extra HubSpot how-tos!

You have multiple ways to complete the lessons and earn your certificate of completion:

  1. Attend all of the Watch Parties
  2. Attend some Watch Parties and complete the rest of the lessons on-demand
  3. Watch all of the lessons on-demand (after their Watch Parties) when it works for you


Complete each of the following lessons to earn your certificate of completion.

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These materials aren't required to officially complete this Master Class, but they can help you more deeply understand and better implement what you learn.

  • Demand Gen -- Asset Tracking matrix

  • Demand Gen -- Awareness Journey worksheet

  • Demand Gen -- Data and Reporting worksheets

  • Demand Gen -- Download | Transcripts (zip)

  • Demand Gen -- Marketing Automation requirements

  • Demand Gen -- Newsletter worksheet

  • Demand Gen -- Nurture Series worksheet and templates

  • Demand Gen -- Replay | Sep 14 watch party (lessons 1-3)

  • Demand Gen -- Replay | Sep 17 watch party (lessons 4-7)

  • Demand Gen -- Replay | Sep 22 watch party (lessons 8-11)

  • Demand Gen -- Replay | Sep 24 watch party (lessons 12-15)

  • Demand Gen -- Replay | Sep 29 watch party (lessons 16-19)

  • Demand Gen -- Replay | Sep 30 watch party (lessons 20-22)

  • Demand Gen -- Sales Campaigns worksheet and templates

  • Demand Gen -- Sales Validation worksheet

  • Demand Gen -- Welcome Campaigns worksheet and templates


Kenda Macdonald
YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Kenda Macdonald

Kenda Macdonald is a forensic psychology major, the Demand Generation Consulting Practice Lead at MarketingProfs, and the founder of Automation Ninjas, the UK's leading behavioral automation agency. She's an international public speaker, a multi-award-winning businesswoman, a doting cat mom, and the author of the best-selling book: Hack The Buyer Brain.

Program Advisor: Carlos Hidalgo

Carlos Hidalgo is a life design coach, marketing and sales consultant, author of The UnAmerican Dream, and a TEDx keynote speaker. He has held corporate roles, started entrepreneurial ventures, served in nonprofits, and sat on many corporate boards. Hidalgo and his wife host The Life Design Podcast.

Carlos Hidalgo
Kerry O'Shea Gorgone
Instructional Designer: Kerry O'Shea Gorgone

Kerry O'Shea Gorgone is senior editor and writer at Appfire. She co-hosts The Backpack Show LIVE with Chris Brogan and Punch Out With Katie and Kerry, and serves as Consigliere and Showrunner for Chris Brogan Media. Once upon a time, Kerry was a lawyer (number one in her class at Suffolk University Law School).