Think small and global marketing becomes a mouse-click away. As early as 1985, I started to view markets outside the USA as...

...the future of our business. We even put global, trading and sourcing in our company name. That vision, along with the new facilitator called the Internet, has broken down every imaginable barrier to growth and prosperity and has literally transformed how the world does business. Technology is a platform but it's the people that make things happen. The moment you put up a Web site -- your point of contact with consumers becomes global.
But what is global marketing? It is the performance of business activities (such as planning, pricing, promoting and directing the flow of goods and services) in more than one country.
Knowledge (including goods and services) can and should be shared and that's what global marketing is all about. If you think about it, nothing is really foreign so long as it is familiar and friendly.
So what we really have on our hands now is a new paradigm for world competitiveness and a new sense of business.
Everything we do today is relevant and potent to any consumer anywhere in the world. My goal with contributions to MarketingProfs Daily Fix is to help us reach out to the world and be at the center of everything -- whether we operate in New York, Portugal or Japan. So I welcome hearing from you on your issues because after all, it will be our conversations that will help create lesson after lesson in global marketing.

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