Did anyone see the Business Week online article?...

The Skinny on Plus-Size Apparel: Retailers specializing in women's sizes 14 to 32 are ringing up big sales gains, and their stocks are rising, too
Surprise, surprise, the forgotten masses of women (who are more like normal women than those sticks who walk down the runway and are ruining the self esteem of our young) are finally getting the r-e-s-p-e-c-t they deserve.
Finally, marketers and manufacturers are taking them out of the dreary back-of-the-store position and putting them front and center. A quote from the article says it all: "'These smart retailers are listening to girls who are saying they don't want to look like a shower curtain, and are offering up trendy clothes that don't necessarily come in animal prints,' says Kat Fay, retail analyst at the Chicago research group Mintel. Fay estimates that the plus-size clothing market hit $32 billion last year, up a total of 50% in the past five years."
At last, I say! This is a perfect case of retailers finally coming to their senses and looking around at who their customer is and delivering for them.

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