That is, on going global. Most people say: "I find it too risky; I don't know how to get paid; I have no clue as to where to go first...

...or I'm just flat-out scared."
How do you overcome these fears? Pick one problem area and deal with it. If your concern is "I find it too risky," then figure out what you can do to minimize or eliminate the risk. Here's a sample action plan:
Find a product. Get a customer. Agree to ship one single product. Ask for payment. Receive payment. Ship product. Confirm with customer that product arrived safe and sound.
Hurray! You did a global deal. Now kick it up a notch and do another deal with the same customer. This time, however, ship a case instead of a single unit.
Each time you go through the process, you become more confident and comfortable. It's that simple. Try it, you'll like it.
And remember ... no excuses ... just global results.

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