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My fundamentally introverted nature made me cringe a little when I read blogger Tony Valle's latest post on his Small Business Radio blog....

But I admit that I'm a total sucker for the flattery of the subhead: The 5 Things That Make Ann Handley Float to the Top of the Primordial Blogosphere Ooze.
How can I not love that?
Tony writes:

"You other bloggers surely know where I'm coming from. When we find someone that somehow manages to stand out in this endless idea-tickertape we call the blogosphere, we really take notice. More importantly, we want to understand how she does it!"

Tony spent 90 minutes this morning sifting through my blog posts here (God bless him!), on a mission to crack my "formula" for blog-post writing. Fueled by three cups of coffee and a bowl of Count Chocula, he claims that he did it.
And I guess he did, more or less. (Either that, or the sugar and caffeine inspired delusional visions.) I don't exactly think of writing as a formula, but Tony did capture the essence of several elements that I think a lively, interesting blog post .... or most any writing, for that matter -- contains, including a bit of a story and point of view.
Then again, while I have a real love of blogging and truly feel a passion for it, I've only been a blogger for six months. And although I've been practicing being a writer since I could grip a pencil, you never quite finish learning how to write, do you?
Check out A Skilled Blogger Makes It Look So Simple and let me know what you think.
What elements do you think a good blog post contains?

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