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About 72 hours after launching the MarketingProfs Book Club...already 450+ members' strong...I'm pleased to report we've come mighty far, and from far-reaching regions. This old media (books) meets new media (the Web) meets new best practices has caught on across all continents (save Antarctica)....

From across the pond--across both ponds!--down under and down at the equator. San Francisco, Scotland, Singapore, South Bend and South Africa. Boise to Belgium to Bangalore to Bahrain. China, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and Portugal.
Spain, Italy, the Netherlands...and other lands. No, not Timbuktu. But yes, Katmandu! So if there was any question, our Book Club will be open 24/7.
And companies? All over the map, too.
From IBM to the NBA (do you like basketball with your books?). Random House to the House of Blues--so now our Book Club literally rocks. Industries range pharmaceuticals, publishing, advertising, entertainment, electronics, manufacturing, media, healthcare, technology, and many more.
Many a Ph D. and even an Elementary School Principal. Plus, we have a pretty even split between male and female members.
But don't take my word for it, here are YOUR words:

  • "Look forward to reading and exchanging ideas."

  • "Marketing and books...right down my alley."

  • "I always believed knowledge is not to be locked up, it is to share and this is a great way to do it."

  • "This is the greatest collaboration of new media and old, ever!"

  • "I've been looking for this for a while; I'm thrilled you guys are doing it!"

  • "I read marketing books constantly and my partners (who are not in marketing) can't handle listening to me jabber on much put me down, sign me up and let's do it!"

  • "I love the idea of a book club for marketing professionals!"

  • And there were a LOT of "I love book clubs!" To which I say...I love them, too!

  • A few items to go over and then I must go read my book:
    The Free Books: If you haven't heard from me via email by Monday, December 11th, head on over to Amazon--or the book vendor of your choice--and get your read. Please do still take part in the book club even if you need to pay for the book.
    Folks, I would never ask you to do anything that I won't--ergo, I bought the book, too! I purchased mine yesterday. With shipping to NYC it cost me $20.49, an early holiday gift to myself :-). I'm sure it's more for international orders but at sites like Amazon you get a deep discount off the retail price. Most everyone who signed-up said they were up for the Book Club--free book or not--that's terrific news.
    How you'll hear from me over the coming weeks: I'll be posting an update closer to "Group Review" in early January both here at the blog and through the MarketingProfs newsletter. Additionally, I will be e-mailing everyone who signed-up both 2 weeks and 1 week ahead of Group Review to remind you to get your books read and to inform you of where Group Review will be held (psst: it will be held at MarketingProfs).
    And the day the segment opens, I'll declare "Open Season!" right here and via e-mail. Please note: Group Review is slated for Wednesday, January 10th, 2007. I've purposely alloted 4.5 weeks until Group Review so that everyone can get their books...and get them read!
    Everyone has an EQUAL Voice: Group Review is designed so that anyone can setup a discussion area or "thread." So while I'll be starting some discussions, I'll also be flying around to other discussions and chiming in. Ann Handley and MarketingProfs Managing Editor Val Freeze will be doing the same.
    But all the discussion threads take place in the same area so that it's structured and user-friendly. The authors will have their own thread and likely chime-in to other threads where able. So you may want to start a discussion or you want to jump into one. You may even want to do both. The point is, it's up to YOU--not me.
    Homework from your Host(ess): Get your read on! Get your books read by Wednesday, January 10th. Yes, there will be a quiz. Just kidding.
    There's another great interview with the authors of Citizen Marketers where Guy Kawasaki asks them his patented "10 Questions," you might enjoy it. Have a happy holiday--and a happy read!
    P.S.: Yes, you can still sign-up for the Book Club. Just e-mail me with an "I'm in!" or "I'm a bookworm, too!" to: If you're signing-up now, you'll definitely need to buy the book as the free books are all gone...but it's worth the bucks!

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