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If you own a business, or are responsible for marketing a business, you know that two of the most important things you need to have fine-tuned is your USP (unique selling proposition) and your elevator statement....

Now, normally, most businesses start with those things in a business plan. However, more often than not in today's Web community, ideas are rapid and businesses form quickly, and those "minor details" get left behind to be filled in later.
What to do? Well, I have an idea that may help.
Pitch your business to TechCrunch.
Or at least just pretend to. It doesn't matter if your business isn't about online technology; this exercise still works. The form on TechCrunch is the perfect tool to help you fine-tune your pitch.
It requires you to briefly describe what your company is/does in hopes for a review. You answer things like, "describe your product or service," "key competitors," and "please tell us anything else that you consider important about your company."
I suggest that all marketers take this exercise for each product/service they work with. I recently did it myself and what I ended up with was a lot different/better than what I started with.
Oh yeah, if you get accepted & reviewed by TechCrunch (142k rss subscribers), that's not such a bad thing either. :0

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