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Breaking news! This just in... if you haven't heard. Simple works....

No kidding, it does. SHOCKING, I know. Yet, inevitably, in classic link-bait fashion, somebody with a vested interest (darn consultants!) is trying to reinvent what we all have known by making up a lame buzz-word.
Introducing... Simplexity! From Mediapost.

Market researchers believe that 2007 will find consumers seeking out a new trend, which Robbie Blinkoff, managing partner of Context-Based Research Group, is calling simplexity.
"Consumers have been trying to simplify and organize their lives," he says, "but they've also been going down the complexity path, and the two are converging. Simplexity will be a synthesis of the two, yet distinctly different."

So let's break this down for you in case you didn't get it.
1. As the future rolls on, things get more complex in our lives.
2. As things get more complex, the ones that are simple are what people like.
Got it? It's called Simplexity!
Alright, let me end the deep sarcasm for a moment and try to make a point in one simple word.
Happy new year to everyone, and keep it simple. I highly suggest you read my all-time favorite "simple" book entitled 'Don't Make Me Think' from Steve Krug.

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