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I've read most of the excellent book "Getting Things Done" by productivity guru David Allen. And now I'm ready to transform the way I work and live -- to get everything out of my head and into a system....

I want my mind clear so that I can be at my creative best and (relatively) stress-free. "Mind like water," as David Allen says.
I'm going to stop using my brain to keep track of important tasks and to-dos and rely on triggers like my calendar and Next Actions list.
And I'm going to keep "the big picture" in focus by doing weekly reviews.
In other words, I'm going to implement "GTD" (which is the term fans of David Allen use to refer to his "Getting Things Done" approach to productivity).
If this sounds intriguing to you, then I encourage you to check out a couple great little primers on GTD here and here. Also listen to David Allen's podcasts. And of course buy the book.
One of the key steps in implementing GTD is choosing the right electronic or paper system. After much research I've opted for Journler. This is a Mac program, and since I'm on a Mac, that suits me well. Other Mac options I seriously considered were kGTD and DevonThink Pro.
For those of you on Windows, you may want to look at the GTD Outlook Add-in, ClearContext for Outlook, MyLifeOrganized, TimeTo, Easy Task Manager or ThinkingRock (note that the latter two both run on the Mac too), or a web-based system like Tracks, GTD V2, Backpack, MonkeyGTD or ActiveCollab. Or better yet, just switch to a Mac. ;-)
Now on to migrating my hundreds of tasks and ideas from Word documents into Journler...
Anyone else feel like their life is spinning out of control? Or am I the only one? ;-)
Any GTD aficionados reading this? If so, how has GTD made you a better marketer/businessperson?

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