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The funniest thing happened today. Well, maybe more embarrassing and goofy than funny. I write email messages to 4,000 of our Premium Plus members each week to announce our upcoming virtual seminars, and this time I screwed up the subject line. It brought an unexpected result!

Despite my rather cryptic subject line (which said "P+ anncmt, blog secrets"), over 500 people opened and read this email within 40 minutes of its launch. That's got to be a new record! I think it elicited a "What the --??" reaction because for the first time, my subject line made no sense at all.
Okay, it doesn't hurt that I've built up some trust with these readers by sending them useful info every week. But what about all those rules for writing a good subject line? Make it short, make it clear, make it compelling, don't mention Viagra... and then They Will Open.
I'm tempted to make next week's email subject line say, "Kbirtnuj Wawawa" just to see what happens to the open rate. Betcha I'd get few interesting replies, like the member today who wondered if she was missing a MarketingProfs secret decoder ring.

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Shelley spent over five years at MarketingProfs, playing Den Mother to thousands of paid subscribers. She programmed, produced and promoted weekly online seminars featuring the biggest names in marketing. The result: More frequent broadcasts, increased participation, and higher ratings — 65% of the seminars last year earned five stars from the audience.

Shelley recently launched Killer Webinars to help organizations launch their own webinar programs. She also blogs, speaks, and assists clients with live event production. Her new mission is to rid the world of lousy webinars, one broadcast at a time.