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I recently joined Facebook at the suggestion of Jeremiah Owyang. Jeremiah will soon be joining Forrester from PodTech, where he'll be covering Facebook as an analyst. He has been a big believer in the power of Facebook as a social networking/community site for some time. I am becoming more of a believer in it as well.

I was especially intrigued recently when I asked my 18-year-old son what pictures and memorabilia he would be taking to college, and he replied, "None. I have Facebook, that is all I need." He continued, "Everyone I know and care about is on Facebook. All of the most important pictures I want and information I need is there.
"All my friends feel this way about Facebook, Mom."
Wow. What power. To have an 18-year-old boy and his community think that all he needs is this one tool/place to go for information and social connection. No wonder many people are comparing Facebook's power to that of Google's. Nothing else that I know has captured my son's loyalty (and obviously many of his friend's, as well).
Despite enjoying Facebook and all it offers in social connections, I am not to that level of commitment to Facebook yet. I find it interesting and intriguing to play with as a social community development tool, but I do not yet feel like I have to read it daily to get my news about my friends and their friends.
I know that many of my colleagues and their professional contacts are registering on Facebook, but it seems that they do it more to "be on the site" than to necessarily "live" on the site. It does seem to be gathering momentum and stealing people from Linked In as the professionals community.
What are the rest of you thinking/doing/believing about Facebook?

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Jennifer Jones is the creator and host of Marketing Voices™ , a weekly video/audio podcast for providing fresh perspectives from marketing and technology leaders examining how social media is impacting the world of marketing.

Jennifer is a 25-year technology marketing veteran. Her career is broad and diverse: she was a marketing partner at Mayfield, a top-tier venture firm; a founder of her own successful marketing consulting firm working with venture capital firms, investment banks and attorneys including August Capital, Canaan Partners, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, and Goldman Sachs; an executive vice president and general manager of Regis McKenna Inc, a consulting firm where she led the marketing programs with Apple and Intel; the creator and host of the first television show in technology called High Tech Visions and a broadcast executive with CBS News affiliated stations.