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Americans love their coffee. In fact, they consume 400 million cups of coffee daily - the equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year - making the US the leading consumer of coffee in the world. So how can a small American coffee company stand out among all the big guys?

I was doing Internet research on frozen shrimp from China after hubby bought several bags on sale from our local Fry's store. One Google listing coincidentally took me to
While I was in the food research mode, I discovered a Google ad below another that asked, "Is Osama Bin Laden dead?" Interestingly, it caught my attention:
Coffee Exposed
A shocking secret coffee co's don't want you to know

Since I now consume two cups a day, my curiosity was tweaked enough to click. What I discovered was really smart marketing and amazing copywriting. Here's what appeared on the landing page:
Oh I am sorry. What did I do? Ever since putting The Coffee Fool online, I have been beaten regularly by customers for clueing them into the secret on 'fresh' coffee.
Because they can no longer stand the taste of coffee they get at work, gas stations, even... coffee stores - in a world of stale coffee, they are ruined on our fresh.
So if you happen to be a newbie to The Coffee Fool and want to keep your coffee innocence intact - look away. Otherwise, here comes the knowledge (read as sales pitch) that may very well ruin you too.

Clever, isn't it?
The Coffee Fool Web site doesn't give any hints to the company's background, but it does show five locations across the country. This isn't a Starbucks in the making. There are no retail outlets. It's a mail order business. And a smart one at that.
One testimonial is from Brad Davis who purchased coffee for himself and Billy Bob Thorton during an eight-day recording session. He even wrote a song about it. Chalk up a celebrity endorsement to boot!
Since I just discovered this Web site, I haven't ordered the coffee yet, but I intend to try it. You should see the list of flavored coffees they offer. Tantalizing flavors.
What is your company's experience using Google ads? Are you using creativity to get attention? Let's hear some stories.

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