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You're a marketer at the top of your game right? Heck, you may even blog here at MarketingProfs DailyFix, so the answer to that is yes, you are. Even if you're a reader here, you're probably a marketer who wants to learn more about marketing. So where's your online video, because I don't see you using it yet?

I'm calling you out, all of you. Consider this an intervention, and a challenge. Do you accept? If so, post links to your video(s) in the comments below.
Or maybe you'd like to keep making excuses about why you are not doing online videos yet? That's fine too. Please share with me and the readers the top reasons you haven't gotten it done yet?
I'm sure we can all learn from this challenge. Personally, I look forward to seeing what other marketers are doing, and also finding out why many are not. Maybe at the end of this discussion we'll all learn a thing or two about how online video can make us all better marketers.

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