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You've got something to say and you need a company to listen to your feedback. Would you use a suggestion box? You are a company in search of a fast way to help capture feedback and a structured approach to deal with it. Would you buy a suggestion box?

One of the biggest obstacles in getting anything done is the lack of process. No process also means that there is no transparency as to progress made. Whether you're working inside an organization or in a small company, it is a challenge to be everywhere and do everything that needs to be done. This is especially true when we talk about follow up on feedback. Somehow that is often extra planning.
Enter SuggestionBox, a system that might help you stay the course on customer feedback. Their tagline is "ideas into action," which is the aspiration of the management system. Members can track the progress of their suggestion with transparency - from under review, to being implemented, to has been ruled out. There is also a community rating layer, where other members can vote on the importance of your suggestion.
I looked at the existing boxes on the site. They might be all new suggestions, so far I am seeing a lot of "under review". The one suggestion box with the most implemented I could see is that for Suggestion Box itself.
As I looked at the site, I had a sudden vision of that wooden suggestion box abandoned in a corner of the kitchen at a company I visited. There it sat all alone. Of course, with digital information it's a completely new ball game. If your box sits alone, quasi-abandoned, everyone will surely notice, won't they?
Should the job of manning the suggestion box go to marketing? Many companies are now building ideation teams - would they be the best owners of the feedback and action? In which industries do you think SuggestionBox might be most needed?
One thing is for sure. Once you open the Pandora, ahem, SuggestionBox, there is no going back on what comes into it.

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