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Moving to the U.S. has certainly required adjustments on my part. One major thing I've noticed is the difference in sexual attitudes in the American advertising world. What is "no big deal" in Europe or Canada, is totally taboo in the U.S. Take this hilarious TV spot from the U.K. for example... Warning: If you find frontal nudity offensive, do not view.

The spot, created in 2006 for an Amstrad videophone, is risque to say the least, but certainly gets the message across with humor. The company was owned by Sir Alan Sugar, the U.K. entrepreneur and star of the BBC version of The Apprentice. Last summer, Amstrad was bought out by Sky, which is run by James Murdoch and counts Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. as its largest shareholder.
When TV censors ruled against GoDaddy's Super Bowl spot with Danica Patrick, not many were surprised. Imagine the U.S. censors reviewing this one! Its use of sexual humor isn't gratuitous or sexist - it's funny!
The Amstrad spot.
Why do you think Americans are more uptight with sexual humor and innuendos in marketing than in other countries?

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