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Microsoft has a myopic view of the world. If I personalized the company as a human being, I'd say s/he is self-centered. If it were a child, I'd assume it is an only child, unwilling to share his/her toys with others. In fact, I think Microsoft needs some parental discipline.

I am one of those dinosaurs still using Publisher software for certain purposes. I started using it when it first came out in 1998, and have watched it evolve into a decent small business tool for non-designers. Whenever I want to create something myself, it's easy and intuitive. When my company does design work for clients, well then our designers use appropriate Mac Web design software. But, since I love designing, it has worked well over the years for small projects.
My challenge now lies in Publisher-created Web sites. Only visitors using Internet Explorer can view them properly. Anyone using Firefox, Chrome or other browsers see a distorted view with links that aren't always functional. Really bad for business. So, I sent Microsoft a support e-mail inquiry. Here's what I got back:
From the information provided in your email I understand you have used Publisher to create Web site which works well with IE, but the visitors claims using other browser they see is distorted and the links don't work.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, but If the issue is with the other end and it works fine with you by using Internet Explorer, they you have to inform the other user to use internet explorer while browsing to you website as their web browser is not compatable wit hyour website.
It cleary mentions that the issue is with non Microsoft products, therefore that need to conct the third pary browswe support.

Aside from the litany of typos and sentence structure errors (bad for brand image), Microsoft is basically saying, "Too bad. Have your visitors use our software and they won't have any problems."
Forget the fact that hardly anyone uses Publisher anymore to create Web sites, you'd think they'd want to hold onto their Publisher fans. But, I guess not.
I like Microsoft because they are good corporate citizens, giving nonprofits and educational institutions a huge discount on software purchases. But when it comes to being cooperative and collaborative, it's time to grow up. I think it will help them keep market share, not lose it.

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