You can have a great product or service, but unless you’re telling a good story on the web with interesting content, there’s a risk of being ignored. So says Captains of Industry in announcing the finalists for its Incredibly Boring Web Content Challenge. We'd love to get your vote!

The Boring Web Content Challenge, as I wrote about a few weeks ago, encouraged companies to submit their most lifeless, incomprehensible bit of web writing (a web page, or press release, or email, or whatever) to win a chance to have a free makeover from our friends at Captains of Industry. Submit they did (in spades!) and now the Captains have winnowed the list to four dull finalists.

Over the next week or so, please share your feedback on which of these four hapless entrants should be the ultimate winner. Weigh in below with a vote, and tell us what you think below or over on the Captains blog (where you can see more detail):

Here are the finalists:

The Alberta Geological Survey (web page)
There’s diamonds in them thar hills! And lots of them! Apparently, Alberta, Canada, has a potential mother lode of diamonds worth billions of dollars. The web page itself, though, is text heavy with copy such as “The Buffalo Head Hills area has the highest diamond content results to date.” (The sound you hear is your own head hitting the desk....)

The Nibble (web page)
When you’re trying to engage your audience, is well-written text enough – versus a video, podcast or other type of content? And to what degree does the design of the web page, as well as the user interface, impact your ability to experience the content?

Intimate Surprises (web site)
Sexy? Not so much.

Communicative Health Care Associates
Great company, terrible content. This web page, which is truly dull right now, has the potential to tell a human and very moving story that will help their customers understand the great value of their services.

Leave a comment here or over at the Captains, here. And please vote!

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