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— MarketingProfs Team (@MProfsWire) January 31, 2013

Have a Plan

If Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, Vine is a micro-storytelling app. You will need a micro-plan (like this video planning template). Use a standard brainstorming model, for example: “People who watch our Vine videos will do this because of that.” Your strategy should be based on how you want your audience to react, what you want your audience to do and why.

Be Creative

Find your role in the video marketing space, and do something unique and memorable to keep others watching and sharing your videos. For example, Brandin6 created an addicting, interactive Vine as a fun way to share its brand. Take advantage of the functionality and storytelling capabilities that a social video app like Vine can offer. It’s no secret that creative content is more compelling, so keep creativity a priority in the process.

Keep Content Fresh

If your content looks and feels like something that could have been an Instagram photo, it probably should have been just that. Your audience will skim right over boring content, so avoid sharing your meals in a video-format and stick to the good stuff. With Vine, companies can do more than share a picture. Take the opportunity to show how products work and look, and give your consumer audience a better feel for your product than a single picture can do.

Don’t Run Out of Time

Like Twitter’s 140 characters, six seconds might feel like you have to cut it short. Figure out how you can tell your best possible story in that short amount of time. Visually share and explain---there is a wide variety of things you can do with this app, so to take the time to explore and create your videos.

Companies can make use of Vine to show how they work, share company culture, advertise products or services, and give tutorials about its area of expertise. For example, retail companies can use Vine videos to show new looks for their upcoming clothing lines as well as to offer step-by-step instructions for wearing a shirt three ways. Taco Bell recently used a Vine video to create awareness for its upcoming new product.

If it’s used correctly, video apps and short video pieces can be marketing tools, public relations tools, social media tools and sales tools all in one. Six seconds is all you need.
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