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What makes a person a marketer? What identifies a marketer from other folks in an organization? (Besides the obvious fact that the person works in Marketing.)

We took a light-hearted approach to that question and asked the MarketingProfs Facebook group to finish this sentence: "You know you're a marketer if..."

As we expected from the energetic and savvy group of marketers, the answers were fun, engaging, and---in some cases---absolutely cartoon-worthy.

So, I took our favorite responses and drew cartoons to match the definitions then put them in a slideshow to share with you.

Here's a peek at some of the responses in the slide show...

From Libby Eddleman Spears: "You know you're a marketer if you give your kids ideas about how to market their lemonade stand." (Click to tweet!)

From Corey O'Loughlin: "You know you're a marketer if your family thinks you 'do Facebook' for a living." (Click to tweet!)

From Tara Sundaram: "You know you're a marketer if you get excited at every beep of a new lead arriving in your inbox." (Click to tweet!)

From Sherice Jacob: "You know you're a marketer if you study informercials instead of changing the channel." (Click to tweet!)

From Arié Moyal: "You know you're a marketer if you can guess a brand by its typeface." (Click to tweet!)

From Shelly Lucas: "You know you're a marketer if you're a little pitcher with big ears." (Click to tweet!)

From Veronica Maria Jarski: "You know you're a marketer if everything is a potential blog post." (Click to tweet!)

From David Pittman: "You know you're a marketer if you use unique spelling in your child's name because of the branding potential." (Click to tweet!)

From John at GoSoLoMo: "You know you're a marketer if you successfully sell your son the benefits of a clean room." (Click to tweet!)

From Nicole Rodriguez: "You know you're a marketer if you analyze good placement on shelves at the grocery store." (Click to tweet!)

Find out more answers to the phrase "You know you're a marketer if... " by checking out the illustrated slide show.

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