Email remains one of the least-expensive and highest-converting online marketing techniques out there, but few would argue it isn't past-due for a trendy facelift. Thankfully for the intrepid marketer, there are lots of programmers working on this problem, like little elves, day and night. And a whole passel of them apparently work at Goodmail Systems, which just released CertifiedVideo: it enables you to incorporate streaming video right into email messages.

Imagine that: subscribers opening an e-message that's more than just static words and pictures, it's an audiovisual treat! And better still, it has Brand You all over it!

One of the first brands using CertifiedVideo is AOL; others are iVillage, DailyCandy and The New York Times.

But don't stop with more entertaining email; make it shareable too. That's what Web two-dot-oh is all about, right? Take a cue from Nike, which added the ShareThis feature to the bottom of its messages.

ShareThis lets users take an email message, any email message, and disseminate it throughout the Net. Imagine the possibilities!

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