If you've never visited the MarketingProfs Know-How Exchange—or if it's been a while—why not stop in to see how the community responds to a host of topics, both in real time and in the vast archive of past conversations?

Take the case of one MarketingProfs member, Kayle, who recently requested help with the development of taglines for My PA, a new company offering administrative services to smaller businesses and startups on the island of St. Lucia. "Since the business name does not obviously suggest what we do," explains Kayle, "I'd like our tagline to say it as well as convey our promise of a dependable, professional service."

Several members responded almost immediately with the suggestion that Kayle reconsider the company's name. "My PA can mean a lot of different things," notes Michael Goodman, "and the name lays too much of the burden on the tagline to communicate your positioning."

Gary Rosensteel (aka NuCoPro) also suggests fine-tuning My PA's proposed client base. "One thing about startups and very small businesses—they could desperately use your help," he says, "but they have no money to pay for it! I suggest targeting more established businesses that are growing."

In the process, members also respond to Kayle's original request for tagline ideas. Rosensteel suggests "You take care of customers, we take care of your business," with the caveat that he knows it's long. "[B]ut it does convey what you do," he explains.

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