"It's not news to anyone in our industry that we're having to take on changes of tectonic proportions," Gavin Hilton says in a recent post at the RAPP Blog. The RAPP direct marketing agency serves a range of clients worldwide.

The debate still rages, Hilton notes, as to which creative "silo" will "take us into the bright new future of co-created consumer content and IP delivery." However, he says, "if we thought about what's right for our clients … we'd be having a different debate."

The real news today, Hilton states, is this: "The greatest strategic breakthroughs we'll see in the next five years will come not from an individual discipline, but from the connections that are fostered between them."

He cites the Facebook game/travel app Kidnap as an example. RAPP co-created the app with Context Optional for the Travel Channel. "[I]t achieves its business objectives of getting people to interact with the channel's online collateral," he notes "[b]ut can you tell who had the idea?" Of course not: it was a multidisciplinary effort involving creative, tech, admin and management.

The message for B2B marketers here? Today's business units need to cooperate to provide the creativity—at lightning speed—that clients expect in a digital world. "We'll have to stop being linear," Hilton concludes. Teamwork today is a circle.

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