Valeria Maltoni receives four or five press releases on a typical day—and most leave her singularly unimpressed. "'I think you're fabulous' may seem like a good idea for a subject line," she explains at the Conversation Agent blog, "but if you cannot tell me why, as in what about my work makes you say that, you're out."

So before you send your next pitch to a blogger, she recommends that you understand the following:

  • You know the importance of word choice. "Choose them carefully," she says, "be wise and considerate, and you will receive responses in kind."
  • Your story idea suits the niche occupied by a specialized blog. Even though she falls into the general "fashion" category, for instance, a blogger who covers high-end couture will look askance at your pitch about inexpensive blouses.
  • You're ready for two-way dialogue. A blogger might just reply with questions, suggestions or ideas. If you're not comfortable receiving feedback, don't hit send.

The Po!nt: "The best pitch is no pitch at all," says Maltoni. "The best pitch is in fact a conversation. One in which the writer can find a unique story to tell. One based on an ongoing relationship with someone who writes about a specific subject matter."

Source: Conversation Agent. Click here for the complete post.

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