It's an average morning at the Liverpool Street train station in London, England, with travelers crossing the main hall on their way to platforms or the street. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, 400 people break into a precisely choreographed dance as a medley of toe-tapping songs blares from the public-address system. They have two instructions: remember your steps, but don't forget to invite everyone around you to join in.

While 10 hidden cameras capture the scene for a T-Mobile video, delighted onlookers observe, take photographs and begin to dance. By the end of the video's two-and-a-half minute running time, everyone in the crowded space seems to be dancing.

A "making of" video shows how organizers created the event around the tagline "Life's for Sharing." They undoubtedly achieved their goal. "I felt a moment of love," says a young man who joined in the dancing. "It was connected. For five minutes everyone was relaxed for a second. It was happy. It was nice." An older woman—likewise swept into the moment—shares similar sentiments. "I was in a bad mood when I came here," she says with a smile. "I'm in a good one now."

The T-Mobile video delivered Marketing Inspiration by putting over 11 million YouTube viewers in a good mood, and by illustrating its tagline in an authentic, yet unexpected, way.

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