Sad fact: Even if you have an unlimited budget to spend on paid search, you may not always get the number of Google ad impressions you seek. Why? Because, no matter how much money you have, "you're not the only advertiser in the world, and Google is trying to show everybody's ads," says Fuel Interactive's Brian Carter in a Search Engine Journal article. "We've seen accounts only receive 20 percent of available impressions for their favored keywords despite an unlimited budget," he notes. He suggests that, instead of throwing more money at the problem, you try a few tactics like these for maximizing PPC impressions:

Work on improving your ad quality. "This is about quality score, which is really about [click-through rate], which is really about choosing the right keywords, creating granular ad groups, and writing and testing good ads," Carter says.

Employ accelerated ad delivery. Using this AdWords option, found in Campaign Settings, may help boost daily impressions, he reports. For guidance, see Google AdWords Help: Which ad delivery option is best for my campaign?

Modify regional targeting parameters. Geotargeting limits impressions, Carter says. "Relax these [parameters], or at least create complimentary campaigns for other geotargets, then optimize your spend across them," he advises.

The Po!nt: Don't break the bank. You may be able to increase ad impressions as much by tweaking your strategy as you will by maxing out your budget.

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