"No matter how well your ads, emails and landing pages are performing, they can always be doing better," says Dan Zarrella in a post at the HubSpot blog. The way to gather the data you need is with exhaustive—and ongoing—testing.

"Every email, every PPC [pay-per-click] ad, and every landing page should always have multiple versions running," he notes, "and you should be in a constant state of analysis and incremental re-factoring."

Zarrella suggests the following testing procedures:

  • When sending an email, divide your list into two groups that receive different subject lines, offers or calls to action. "In the next email," he recommends, "split your list again and try two different variations of the version that won the last time."
  • When running a PPC campaign, each keyword on which you bid should have a minimum of two ad variations. "Try different approaches in your ad title, or different amounts of keyword repetition in the body of the ad," he recommends.

The Po!nt: According to Zarrella, you're leaving money on the table if you don't make tests an integral aspect of your marketing strategy. "Continuous testing is the only way to ensure that your campaigns are always improving," he says.

Source: HubSpot. Click here for the full post.

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