Yet another promising piece to add to your digital-strategy arsenal: how about interstitial :15-:30 video spots? This summer, ShortTail Media is launching a beta for its Digital 30 (D30) program—full-page interstitial ad placements in which 15- to 30-second spots can be incorporated. Interstitials are ads you see when you are transitioning from one page to another. For example, a user clicks a link on an email or homepage. And while waiting for the new page to load, they get to feast their wondering eyes on ... your message, of course!

Take advantage of this chance to engage people audiovisually while they wait. (We recommend being short and sweet, leaning more toward :15 than :30, to minimize irritation.)

Because they're waiting for content they want, they should be less likely to walk away or change sites on you—although, of course, the rule-of-thumb is to ensure you're giving them a message worth watching, too. ;o) 

If you're looking for clout before diving in, Reuters has already joined the beta, as has But don't wait for rivals to smell opportunity before you do; why not give it a go right now?

The Po!nt: How limbo can you go? Seize the opportunity to leap into beta pools; try this new approach before it's saturated.

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