Careful: You just missed out on a great lead when you analyzed that B2B conversion rate. That's what Todd Michiels says, anyway, in a recent article at

All too often, Miechiels says, B2B marketers decide to "spend either more or less money based solely on the conversion rate of how a certain search phrase, ad creative, or banner ad performs." In the process, he notes, they overlook a vital piece of analytical data. That golden nugget? Company name.

According to Miechiels, that single piece of data is one of the easiest to capture, and it provides "an even better picture of search-term value" than conversion stats. "I'm referring to the organizations themselves that arrived [at] the website [and signed in], but didn't convert," he says.

"[T]his phrase may be 10 times more valuable than all of [your] conversions combined," Miechiels insists. Why? Because that company name could be on your "wish list" of contacts, and you've just gained an entry point.

The lesson for B2B marketers here? "If you are spending thousands of dollars per month on search marketing and not capturing visiting organizations, you are shutting down phrases and scaling back campaigns by using only half the truth," he concludes.

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