Rodney King famously asked, "Can we all get along?" And in a delightfully low-tech video currently making its way through the blogosphere, Red House Furniture of High Point, North Carolina, says the answer is an emphatic yes.

Set to the tinny strains of a Casio keyboard-style soundtrack, the one-and-a-half minute ad lampoons the absurd notion that blacks and whites might not want the same things. It's a potentially touchy subject, and Red House tackles it directly—in a way that will make some people squirm and some people laugh.

"I'm Richard, aka Bighead," says one employee. "I work at the Redhouse and I'm black. I like pumping iron and pumping furniture into people's homes."

"I'm Johnny, aka Ten Gauge," says another, who is clearly reading from a cue card. "I work at the Redhouse and I'm white. I like deer hunting, bass fishing and extending credit to all people."

After customers—both black and white—say how much they like shopping at Red House, Richard talks up a sofa. "It's perfect for a black person. Or a white person." Johnny, meanwhile, extols the virtues of a bed: "This mattress is perfect for a white person. Or a black person."

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