As summer approaches, and your subscribers begin to go on holidays, you might wonder whether you should scale back your email campaigns. But in a post at the Email Experience Council blog, Ryan Allis says, "Not only should you feel comfortable sending out your messages over the summer, it's also a solid business strategy to keep your brand as visible as possible to your customers during these months."

For support, Allis points to an eMarketer survey that found:

  • 77 percent of people ages 22-34 check their personal accounts while on vacation; 39 percent check work accounts.
  • For those 35-59, the numbers drop—but the majority continue to monitor their inboxes.
  • Even at the opposite end of the spectrum, 60 percent of those 60-70 check their personal accounts.

It is important, though, to tread lightly. "This same study found that nearly 50 percent of people who received excess amounts of email during their vacations simply deleted the emails," he notes. "Many others reported the senders to their ISPs as spammers, or unsubscribed from their newsletters altogether."

The Po!nt: Hit that Send button—with care. There's no need to take a major break from your email outreach this summer; even when subscribers take a holiday, they often take their inboxes with them.

Source: Email Experience Council. Read the full post here.

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