We all know that content is king in search engine optimization, but in a recent Search Engine Land post, Daniel Waisberg reminds us that "usability is queen." According to Waisberg, the synergy between content and usability design can be a powerful generator of website conversion rates. To help search marketers optimize their sites for conversion, Waisberg offers a few tips to keep in mind that honor (and utilize) the SEO Royal Family:

Remember that design matters. When deciding what content to include, remember that design is crucial, too, Waisberg notes. Key point: too much copy can be off-putting. Sometimes, adding content can actually reduce conversions, he explains, especially if the content is not relevant, or if you ignore other SEO and website usability issues (like readability).

Test for relevance. Use AdWords to test the success of prospective SEO landing pages. Send visitors to different pages and measure results. "If content is the king and usability is the queen, relevance is the prince," Waisberg adds.

Analyze your internal search, too. Don't forget to target the keywords your customers are typing in to your internal search, he advises. These are red-hot, user-generated targets.

The Po!nt: It's time to entertain the royals. To optimize website conversion rates, consider a greater focus on the SEO Royal Family: content, usability, and relevance.

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